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Yo! So this is what I’ve been feeling this week. I am obsessed with The OC. OBSESSED! And there was an episode of the Nerdist Writers Panel with the creators of The OC. It was beyond delightful. If you’re a fan, this is a must listen. On Netflix I’ve been watching Abstract, which is basically Chef’s Table for art. These artists are so inspiring and talented, it’s incredible to watch their process. I recommend starting with  Paula Scher. Lastly, I’ve been really into reading the Money Diaries on Refinery29, it feels like a productive time suck. I love seeing how other women my age spend their money.


Ok, things I’ve been into this week include vulnerability expert Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly which is honestly life changing. There’s a workbook in the back too and I’m pairing it with a 30-day writing challenge by Tara-Nicholle Nelson. It’s basically therapy. I’ve also been obsessed with all the theories around Damn. even though he didn’t release a surprise album on Easter. There’s a lot of great writing right now theorizing about its overall story and message. And lastly, I can’t stop watching clips of The Eric Andre Show. It’s too hilarious and puts me in the best mood.