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I feel like this month always comes with the expectations to do better and to be better, which I love, don’t get me wrong. I love the opportunity to start fresh. It’s nice, and for lack of a better word, refreshing. Every January for the past six years, my goal has been to make Moist Queef awesome in one way or another. To focus on it more and to really put effort into making it dope. And I usually do it. And then March and April come along and I’ve fallen off the wagon. Obviously, this January was no different, I want to make Moist Queef as dope as it is in my mind. I’m not gonna make any wild promises to have a certain number of blogs a month or to have a themed month. I’m just gonna do it. No promises, no expectations. I’m gonna write shit, post shit, as often as I can and that’s that.

One of my biggest goals for this year was to make shit and to fail big. I have so much shit that I’ve created, that’s just sitting in my computer unfinished.  And it’s just chillin because I’m afraid of people realizing it isn’t perfect, or I’m actually a fraud, or it’s garbage. I feel like all creative people come across this problem of being afraid to make stuff because they might fail or it might suck. But that’s gotta happen in order to make dope art, so I’m just gonna embrace it and be more consistent with finishing my art, whatever that may be.


Here’s to January and to 2018. Making shit. Failing big. Learning lots.


Love you!