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Word of the Week


noun, Slang: Vulgar.

  1. The vulva or vagina.

  2. Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.

    1. A contemptuous term used to refer to a woman.

    2. A term used to refer to a contemptible person.

  3. sexual intercourse with a woman.

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 Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Money Diaries on Refinery29. Usually, people think it’s weird or unmannerly to talk about your money and how you spend it, but I think this is fascinating. It chronicles a week in the lives of women in different cities with different jobs and how they spend their money.

I also love this Instagram Her.Period. It’s full of different artists interpretations of vaginas and periods and honestly, we need more of this! Some posts are educational and some are beautiful. It’s something that should be on everyone’s timeline. #NormalizePeriods



I’ve been obsessed with my new mindfulness workbook “I am here now.” (Shout out to Ailish for thinking of me when she saw it). It’s full of exercises that are thoughtful and help me be more present. Plus, I get to use my jelly rolls and doodle fun things in it. It’s my own little space to be ~me~.

I’ve also been catching up on The Leftovers which I love SO MUCH. It appeals to all the things I’m into that are kinda “out there.” It’s escapist and, at times, silly but it also answers some big existential questions in various, fun ways. If you haven’t seen it I’m jealous because you get to start from the beginning, like right now! Go!