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Word of the Week


Hooking up



  1. a connection to a public electric, water, or sewer line, or to a similar service.
    • an interconnection of broadcasting equipment for special transmissions.
  2. informal
    an instance of people meeting, communicating or cooperating.
    • a casual sexual encounter.
    • a person with whom someone has a casual sexual encounter.


This term is defined so casually. It’s different for different people and the debate for what actually constitutes a hook up is never consistent. Buzzfeed and Huffpo tried to define it in their own terms but it really matters what your own definition is. What does it mean for you? Making out? Having sex? Something in between? Or does it depend on the circumstance entirely?


An Open Letter to Cat Callers

I feel like every summer this blog becomes more relevant! I wrote this a few years ago as an open letter to cat calling and I won’t stop posting it until it’s irrelevant and unrelatable. 096459800dc5a8f228a637a29813281c