An Open Letter To: New Year’s Resolutions

Dear New Year’s Resolutions,

I love you, we all love you. But we’ve known each other for a while I’m starting to get the clichéd feeling that I love the idea of you more than you. I think we can all agree that we love what you stand for: hope, the idea of changing and evolving, new beginnings, the potential for a clean slate. I start every year thinking we’ll be able to make it together. Every year I start out with new wide-eyed hopes of self-improvement, ways in which I’ll actually stick to my promises, but I go overboard, and get caught up in the possibilities that I don’t plan realistically.

These were my New Year’s resolutions this year:

  • Reply to things on time
  • Make responsible choices
  • Learn to roll a joint
  • Be okay with less alcohol

There’s four this year because in the past I’ve gone overboard and thought I could accomplish way more. So this year, I decided I’d do less in hopes that I actually had a chance of accomplishing all of them. I just want you to know that I give it my all. I genuinely do, because, like I said before, I love you and I love self-improvement.

But a year is a really long time.

And I think my endurance pitters out around May or June. I get caught up with the end of the school year and focus on finishing my papers or projects and forget about my exercising or trying to eat better or keep in touch with my friends or whatever I decided on.

I think you’re great, I really do, but I think it might be good if we took the time to reevaluate our relationship half way through the year.

I think you’re in need of a change. I think our relationship is in need of a change.

I’d like to alter our purpose slightly if you’ll let me. Can we make July 1st a holiday, we’ll call it “Half Year”? On June 30th we’ll spend the day drinking champagne and thinking about how we spent the first half of the year, Half Years Eve if you will. We’ll go over what we did well, and not so well and work to make the second half of the year as productive as the first half was.

I want our relationship to be the best it can be. And I think instead of struggling to keep it together for the sake of what, tradition, it would be beneficial for the both of us if we also made Half Year’s resolutions.

As for the New Years Resolutions that I made in January, I’ve done alright.

  • I’ve gotten MUCH better at replying to things on time. I rarely have unopened texts sitting on my phone and I even got my inbox down to zero and keep it that way.
  • As far as responsible choices go, I’ve started to exercise at least three times a week, I eat much healthier and I’ve gotten a handle on my FOMO so I say no to parties or last minute babysitting gigs when I feel tired or over worked.
  • I still have yet to roll a joint, however, I’ve been smoking much less weed so that could go hand in hand with me making responsible choices. I still would like to know how to do this so I’m keeping it on my list.
  • (Everything about this makes me feel like a low-key alcoholic, but I put it on my list so I have to address it) This last one has been the hardest, but I’m happy to say I’ve cut back on my week day drinking and mostly just drink in social situations. I still drink the amount I used to, but it’s not as often so I’m counting that as progress!


I really like my New Years Resolutions, but I need to make new half-year resolutions so these are it:

  • Learn to roll a joint I’ve been smoking weed since I was sixteen and as someone who writes scripts and stories with characters who smoke, it’s embarrassing to not at least know how to roll even an okay joint.
  • Save money or just be more money conscious. This can be so simple! Set up those things that automatically put money in my savings so I can literally forget about it. Stop using my credit card as a “YOLO I’ll-Pay-It-Off-When-I’m-Rich”Card.
  • Get a new hobby. This is here because I need something on this list that’s fun and wasn’t on the first list. I generally put something like “Journal more” or “Write every day” but I think I need a creative outlet that isn’t writing. Like painting or sewing.


I think that’s a pretty solid list. I’m excited for the second half of the year. This holiday is really gonna stick I can feel it!

Let’s toast to the Half Year!



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