30 Day Challenge: Bullet Journal

I’ve always been a fan of journals and journaling.(I’ll get more into that in a later blog)  If you’re journal obsessed and on the internet it’s hard to miss the infamous Bullet Journal and all its variations. It’s beautiful, inspiring, creative and makes for such an aesthetically pleasing Pinterest post.   I’ve always wanted to try it, but I get really anal about journals that have rules or guidelines. It seemed like work or like something I had to think hard about and could easily mess up. BUT I decided to give it a try. It seemed like the perfect thing to for someone as journal obsessed as I am.


Journal: I use a Northbook grid notebook

It’s very helpful for things like To Do lists and habit trackers. But I find it annoying when I’m using it for journaling. (Then again, I’m sure I’d feel opposite if I was using a lined notebook). I didn’t want to commit to the infamous Leuchttrum notebook until I knew I would journal like this for a while.

Pens: Just your regular old sharpie fine tooth pen. They’re great for making it look like I know how to draw straight lines. Plus they come in cool colors.



Initial Thoughts

Like I said before, I was a little put off by the “rules”. (Basically I was worried I would waste a page with a list I didn’t use or start something and then realize I could have used it for something else). But once I really just started using it every day, like with my other journals, it became habitual. When I wanted to take notes or make a list or journal my feelings I would just open a page.

What was helpful for me was I did sort of a test run in the second half of June before I “officially” started using it in July and that really helped. The most daunting thing to me were (and still are) the weekly spreads. I never know which template I’ll like the most. I also didn’t use the monthly spread as much as I thought I would, but I’m still testing out new templates.


What I love about it is that it really forces me to write. I’ve always been a journal writer, but once I started grad school for whatever reason I couldn’t find a journal that worked for me and thus I was journaling significantly less. I love one that I can keep in my purse, but that isn’t too small. Using it as a calendar of sorts really forces me to use it and then since I’m already in it I just write my journal entry.

How I’m doing with the challenge

I’m doing okay! Doing a test run in June definitely made it a lot less scary and more familiar so I wasn’t immediately starting in July. I try to use it every day, but there are some days I forget. Usually just one day here or there, never two days in a row. I think if I use it more for journaling and daily to-do lists I’ll get in the habit of daily use.


Will I continue after 30 days?

I think so! I like having one place for my to-do lists, my random lists and my journal entries. I don’t know if I’ll continue past December, but I might take some of the ideas, like the habit tracker, and use them in the journals I was used to writing in.

Advice for people who want to try it

Just go for it. Be ready to make mistakes. All Bullet Journals do NOT look like the rad photos you see on Instagram or Pinterest. Don’t worry about your crap handwriting or your mediocre doodling skills. Just go for it. And see if it works for you!



If you need any advice or inspiration just check out any of the plentiful Pinterest boards.

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