Ailish’s Chicken and Waffles Tour of America: Pann’s

Hello! I’m Ailish and I fucking LOVE Chicken and waffles. I think they’re the absolute perfect combination of sweet and savory. They’re incredible to eat any time of day and you can pair it with anything from mimosas to coffee to whiskey or even wine. They’re soul food for the breakfast obsessed and I literally cannot get enough. I’ve been to my fair share of diners that serve chicken and waffles and since today is National Waffle Day, it seemed smart to begin sharing with you all my favorite places to get Chicken and Waffles in this series Chicken and Waffles Tour of America.


I wish I could say Pann’s was the first chicken and waffles joint I visited when I moved to LA, but unfortunately it was not. (We’ll get to that later). There are rumors that Pann’s is the filming location of the coffee shop scene from Pulp Fiction, but unfortunately that’s just an urban legend. It’s easy to spot the similarities though. It was, however featured in xXx and Bewitched. If you want an authentic 50’s diner feel, Pann’s is the place to go.


What to order

Pann’s Belgian Waffle & Wings.

C&H delishIt comes with a choice of four and six wings. I usually think four is plenty with the waffle, but feel free to get six if you’re feeling hungry.



The four wings will run you about $12 (I can’t speak for the 6 wing option)


Best time to go

If you can, definitely try to go for the Sunday brunch. It’s only until 2pm so you have to go early. BUT they have bottomless mimosa. And not those only-for-90-min or Until-you’re-finished-eating or only-when-the-understaffed-waiters-are-able-to-make-it-to-your-table bottomless mimosas. I mean the 95%-champagne-splash-of-OJ Oh-you-took-a-sip-let-me-fill-that-for-you type of bottomless mimosas that we all wish were at every restaurant.



Atmosphere 9/10

Price 9/10

Food Quality 9/10

It can get especially crowded during the brunch hour, but the wait usually isn’t longer than 30 minutes, and believe me it’s worth the wait. The price for the Waffles and Wings is pretty perfect for the amount you get. The waffles are the super thick circular kind you get from those amazing old school waffle irons. Plus real actual bottomless mimosas.

C&H syrup

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