App Review- Stylebook

What does the App do?

Stylebook is an app that helps you organize your clothes.



First page

How does it work?

Like I said above it helps you organize your clothes. However in order to do that it needs a full inventory of your closet which means taking photos of every clothing item you own. (Ugh I know!) But once you’ve got everything photographed it’s all stored there in your app. You can scroll through your virtual closet from anywhere to remind yourself of what clothes you have, you know in case you forget.

Bottoms options

I think the best part of the app is that it allows you to create different looks. It comes preloaded with examples like “Day” “Work” “Formal” and “Vacation” but you can add your own (which I did). Really what it does is expedite the process of you having to think of what to wear (and make you feel almost exactly like Cher from Clueless). If you put together a few “work looks” you don’t have to think about what you should wear you can just find the look you like best and wear that. Basically, have you wanted everyone to think you have great style without putting in daily effort of choosing new cute outfits? Then this app is definitely for you.

The other cool feature it has is a packing list. My biggest problem with packing for trips is I’ll make a list that’ll usually be something like: shirt jeans, cute dress, dressy shirt, black pants. With Stylebook you can actually make outfits that you want to pack without even making your bed messy with clothes


What I like about it

I really love the visual aspect of it. I love being able to see what I have in my closet without actually having to go into my closet or my drawers. When I was putting in my clothes it forced me to look at my clothes and decided what I actually wanted to keep and get rid of. I got rid of a shitload of old shirts that I was keeping for silly sentimental reasons or things I knew didn’t fit me, or, and this is still my biggest problem, clothes I thought I would use for costumes. I donated and threw away a good portion of my closet which I still think is the best part of this app. If I wasn’t gonna wear it, I tossed it.

There’s a feature on the app where you can make notes of when you wear the item (I haven’t become that reliant on the app, yet) so you can go back through your closet in 6 months and get rid of clothes you haven’t worn because now you have proof.


What I don’t like about it

I think the worst part is the photo taking. It’s SOOO laborious and more often than not the photos turn our shitty and you have to retake them. That was the biggest reason why I threw away so many items, I just didn’t care for them enough to take a photo.

Also the price. I hate paying for apps, but this one has been worth the cost. I really only recommend it for people who want more organization in their life and want to appear trendy. It does take a lot of work, but it’s worthwhile.


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