Bay Area Women’s March

Yesterday Sabrina and I participated in the Women’s March in both Oakland and in San Francisco.  It was so many things. It was powerful, beautiful, lovely, happy, symbolic and just an incredible thing to be a part of. There were so many aspects that stood out to me. The sheer amount of participants was mind blowing. The ages were as well, so many babies as well as people over 80. It was beautiful to see the diversity of ages in addition to just the general diversity. Age, race, religion, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity. It was overwhelmingly beautiful and just so positive. So many happy and hopeful people.


Because of all the diversity, and because of all the different things to protest, there was such a remarkable diversity in the signs. So many people were protesting and it wasn’t all strictly female related, as I’m sure you noticed if you attended a march. There of course were signs about women’s rights and reproductive rights, but there were also signs about Black Lives, Transgendered lives, people dissing Trump in hilariously thoughtful ways, people demanding free water, health care, affordable education, fighting for immigrant rights, and so much more as you’ll see in our photo gallery below. The amount of creativity is kind of overwhelming. I was so impressed by how many original signs we saw both in Oakland and in San Francisco.

It’s truly wonderful to know that so many people across the country feel the way we feel and we can come together to recognize that our civil rights matter and need to be a priority. So many people are negatively affected by this new president and his policies. We cannot and will not sit quietly and allow this to happen. Which is why it is crucial to note that this march is only the beginning. Saturday was just step one. If you participated in the March on Saturday THANK YOU!

Here’s what we need to focus on next. The first 100 days. The Women’s March website has the steps planned out for you to follow. Step one is to write postcards to your senators about what matters most to you and how you’re going to continue to fight. Please visit their website to learn more. We cannot let the march just be a one-time thing.

We cannot stop fighting.


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