Grace Interviews CORA Episode 1: This is Life For Many People

Originally posted on The New Grls Club we wanted to spread the love for this incredible work. Listen to the interview on SoundCloud Grace DuBois is back for our first podcast ever! In this episode, she introduces us to CORA, San Mateo County’s Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse. This is the first episode in a three-part series and [...]

127 Minutes

By Karen Joseph Have you seen that movie 127 Hours? Yeah, me neither BUT I saw the trailer, so I got the gist. White man walks among the rocks. The rocks rebel against him and all he’s done to harm Mother Earth. White man cuts off arm as penance to Mother Earth. Like I said. [...]

Period Sex

Period Sex

By Isabelle Duffy Oh, period sex. You have always been such a confusing subject for me. While the idea of semi swapping male and female roles in the bedroom and having a man have to endure MY bodily fluids this time round should be empowering there was something about it that always made me feel.... [...]