What is Moist Queef?

I’ve always loved talking about weird, awkward or uncomfortable things. Sex, racism, poop, periods. My dad and my sister and I grew up having a “fart club” between the three of us.

I think there’s a real benefit to talking about things that are otherwise taboo. It normalizes them in a way that allows us to get clear answers to questions we never would have. Imagine if we were clearer to girls about the weird discharge that comes out of your vagina when you go through puberty? Or if we were more open to women about pregnancy there would be fewer “what really happens when you give birth” because women and men would already know to expect she might poop a bit when she gives birth.

I also think talking about difficult things helps us move past them faster and more effectively. Breakups, deaths, cat calling, whatever. When they just stay in you, they don’t do much good.

So that is why this website exists. To help normalize the taboo by talking about it.

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Who are we?

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