Okie Doke.

Welcome to the blog, also thanks for visiting. This is a pretty big deal for us.

allow me to reintroduce myself

My name is Ailish, and this is the third version of this blog website. I’ll give you just a brief background. About three years ago, I decided, like any girl who has been on the internet, that I wanted to finally make a blog of my own. I had all these ideas for posts that I wanted to share and I wanted a site that would represent me and all of my weirdness. So I needed a name. Something that was catchy, memorable, a little uncomfortable and kind of ridiculous. I don’t remember exactly how I came about it, but I do remember at the time I was teaching myself all these different vocabulary words for rhetoric. I came across the word “euphonious” which describes words or phrases that sound beautiful. The most notable euphonious phrase is “Cellar Door” which is described by Drew Barrymore’s character in Donnie Darko. This got me thinking, if that’s the most euphonious phrase, what would be the opposite of that? Obviously when you think of it in that context, “Moist Queef” is a no brainer.


So off I went, into the dark abyss of attempting to write blogs on a regular basis. I went well for a while, until I realized I needed help. That’s when I called on my best bud, and partner in literally everything, Sabrina. It got a little bit better after that, dividing the work is always easier, but we were both in school and no matter how much we planned, we always fell behind.


Flash-forward to now. We always knew we’d come back to this, but when we did we would come at it with a plethora of ideas, more organization, and a better idea of the voice we wanted to project into the internet. We know there are close to 47,000 blogs and websites similar to ours, and we’re not necessarily trying to be unique, but we do really want to write about the things we care about and we hope you enjoy reading it.